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Feed Carts: UEBLER

UEBLER Feeding Machines
Model 810 (30 Bushels) & Model 812 (43 Bushels)

Uebler has been manufacturing feeding machines for over 30 years. From our extensive experience we knoe exactly what you want in a feeding machine.

Uebler islage carts feature a forage box unloading design which provides even-feeding of materials into the jumbo 12" auger discharge. Easily unload all types of feed including the toughest silage. Uebler silage carts come in two sizes. Model 810 holds 30 bushels and Model 812 holds 43 bushels. Both riding models feature easy turning automotive-type steering and a comfortable, adjustable chair. A convenient foot pedal or hand control engages the feed mechanism and an easy-acting hand control operates the hydrostatic transmission.

Exclusive center pivot makes Uebler the most maneuverable riders available today. And Uebler's simple design and durable materials are backed up with a two year guarantee.